Pickup Lacrosse

**Pickup Box Lacrosse -- Ages 14+
Developed and ran by Ankeny & Ames Lacrosse Clubs
Saturday afternoons at 1pm
  • Signup via Doodle: --> Currently on a break. Looking to start back up in September
  • Notes
    • Played on Field 1 (the larger turf field)
    • A minimum of 14 players signed up by 5pm on Friday (including 2 goalies)
    • We will honor team groupings where we can
    • Up to 30 players can play
    • If we have more than 20 players, we swap additional players into the game every 15 minutes
    • Please bring 1 white and 1 dark jersey/tshirt
    • SportsIowa will email those who've signed up at 6pm on Friday
    • $7.50, payable at SportsIowa
    • Membership required.


Air conditioning with a level, in-fill turf surface and no bugs.
All players must have a SportsIowa Membership ($15/yr or $5/mo) Players may either  purchase their Membership at www.sportsiowa.us/Membership at SportsIowa. Please download the waiver and provide to SportsIowa on or before your first game.More information available by emailing us at info@sportsiowa.us or calling us a 515.509.2263