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General Information

  • 7v7 games start each hour and are 50 minutes in length with a 3 minute half
  • 4v4 games start every 30 minutes and are 25 minutes in length.  4v4 League teams will play two games each night.
  • We provide a Referee and a ball
  • 7v7 includes the Goalkeeper
  • Shinguards and socks are required for all participants
  • Tell me about the coaches
    • We require one coach for signup and provide space for a second if you want to fill it in
    • The coach can play in the game provided the coach fits the league their coaching.  (No Dads helping on the Girls U12 team)
    • Coaches are not required to be at the game but we do prefer that.   The main function of a coach is to be a point of contact for SportsIowa and to organize the team.   If there are issues that we can't iron out at the game, then that's the person we'll come talk with.
    • Coaches can be Parents, Coaches, or Team members.  We do ask that each coach is at least 16 years old.
  • What is my division?
    • Adults are expected to be 17+.  We do allow HS teams to 'play up' to adult, but please contact to discuss, first.
    • We follow the local area soccer club's age divisions. The division is now defined for the players age on December 31, of the current year.   An easy way to find this year's 'U' number is to subtract the player's birth year from 2017.  Thus, someone born in 2003 would be U14; a player born in 2005 would be U12, etc.
    • We have one exception.  Due to the significant social differences between middle and high school, 8th graders with an ’02 birthday may choose to play “down” to U14.   This is the only age where we make an exception.   9th graders born in ’02 continue to play in the HS league.
  • Player Code of Conduct and Coaches Information
  • 7 v 7 Rules
  • 4 v 4 Rules


  • No gum, food or drinks on fields. Water only.
  • No cleats of any kind. Flats, turf shoes and tennis shoes only.
  • No fighting or foul language.