Each participant in a SportsIowa program (Leagues, Pickup Games, Skills, SportsFirst, Batting Cages) must purchase an Membership to participate..  The Membership is priced per participant at $15/year, $5/mo, or $2/day is  from the date of purchase and provides our athletes and their families with several benefits. 

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Why we have members:

  • SportsIowa is an event-based facility and customer safety is a primary concern to all our staff.   Signed waivers along with the Membership allow SportsIowa  to accurately identify everyone who uses the facility.
  • The Membership ensures that each player is registered as a member of each team they are playing for at SportsIowa.  Officials will be able to effectively control the rosters and ensure all players are eligible.
  • The program allows SportsIowa to avoid 'gate fees' to member's families who wish to watch their player at a SportsIowa League games. Please note that SportsIowa may charge gate fees for Tournaments.
  • Memberships also allow us to determine the number of patrons using the facility, which leads to better planning and allows us to effectively communicate with you, our customer