SportsIowa's Partner program provides access to Central Iowa's premier indoor Turf Facility. Each of our partners listed below deliver high quality services at our facility. If you would like to become a Partner and offer active services to central Iowa in our space, be it anything from cheerleading, to lacrosse, to gymnastics, or any activity that requires significant space or ceiling height, our large turf surfaces can be just what you're looking for.

Our existing partner services include:

Agility and Performance:


Our mission at Premier Athlete Training is to provide local athletes with the opportunity to receive the most advanced sports training available in Central Iowa. Using a dynamic approach and the latest methodologies, our team provides proven speed, agility, strength, and conditioning principles to enhance the athlete's performance.


Laser Tag
Live the Video Game!

Our most popular games are Team Elimination, Dodge Ball (w/ Respawns) and Free-for-All. With our advanced laser tag equipment, we can create realistic RPG action.

Give SportsIowa a call at 515.509.2263 or email us at for details on how you can make your business a SportsIowa partner!