Adult 4v4 Pickup Soccer

4v4 Pickup Soccer is Back
Sundays 7:30-9:00am. Yep. It's early, but you still have your whole day!.
  • Adult (16+) 4v4 Soccer:
    • Played on Field 1 crossways
    • Signup using the button to the right. 
  • Notes 
    • A minimum of 8 players per group signed up by 5pm on Saturday
      • I.e, if there are at least 8 adults signed up, they will play
    • Up to 24 players can play
    • Please bring 1 red, 1 white and 1 blue jersey/tshirt
    • If we have more than 8 players, we swap into the game every 10 minutes
    • SportsIowa will email status of the event to signups at 8pm on Friday night
    • $7.50, payable at SportsIowa
    • Current Waiver required.

Please respect your fellow players.  If you sign up, please show up.  If something comes up please let us know at 515.509.2263 or so we can work with the other players.